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About Us:

What Sectors and Stage Does Grape Arbor Target?

GrapeArborVCs investments focus on companies for which the internet is essential.

What Value Do We Add? 

You'd have to ask our entrepreneurs and co-investors, but as committed repeat players in the space, we have many relationships and have worked with numerous start-ups as they have cycled through the angel and venture process to exit. Our bios will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of our experience in and commitment to the space. Collectively, our team has worked in or with hundreds of angel and venture-backed companies. For people with whom we enter serious investment discussions, we are happy to provide references.

What is the best way to get a plan in front of GrapeArborVC? 

To date, every single GrapeArborVC investment was 'warmly introduced' to us. We generally invest in founders we already know. Heres something GrapeArborVC co-founder, Ed Zimmerman, published on this topic on the Accelerators page of the Wall Street Journal. That column ends with the line:  "It’s also worth noting that I generally only invest where I’ve known the founders for at least a year — but then again, I’m not always economically rational, am I?"