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GrapeArborVC’s members include:

Edward M. Zimmerman, (Co-Founder) Co-Founder & Chair, Tech Group, Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital, Columbia University Business School; Co-Founder/Chair, VentureCrush

Raymond P. Thek, (Co-Founder) Vice Chair, Tech Group, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Anthony O. Pergola, (Co-Founder) Co-Founder & Vice Chair, Tech Group, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Mark P. Kesslen, (Co-Founder) Chairman, Operating Committee, Lowenstein Sandler LLP; former Chief IP, Technology & Sourcing Lawyer, worldwide, JPMorganChase


Grace DeNoonOperations Manager, GrapeArborVC

For any given investment, some or all of us will participate and we each have sectors that we prefer.