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We at Grape Arbor LLC review many plans and help many companies and investors.  Accordingly, we do not sign confidentiality agreements or nondisclosures.  Nor do we agree to keep things confidential.  Given the number of companies with which we interact through Grape Arbor and our other unrelated endeavors, it simply is not practical for us to try to commit to those types of obligations.  Because we do not read plans sent to us 'cold' anyway, please do not send us a plan through this site or the related email address.  If you do, however, send us a plan or any other information, you automatically agree that Grape Arbor LLC, its members and the respective affiliates, successors and assigns of the foregoing (1) have no obligation to keep it confidential, and (2) have no obligation to refrain from using any or all of it for our gain or the gain of third parties.  Thanks.