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Why we Named it "GrapeArborVC"

Two of our founders are Anthony Pergola and Ed Zimmerman.  The word "pergola" literally means an arbor or trellis.  Ed Zimmerman is a complete and utter wine geek.  Accordingly, Grape Arbor accurately references two of our co-founders.  At GrapeArborVC, we understand that early stage investing has much in common with growing wine grapes -- newly planted vines for wine grapes won't bear fruit for vinification for 3 years and we expect that many of our investments will have at least that time frame.  Vineyard managers and winemakers also must tend their vines lovingly and respectfully and in those companies in which we are hands on investors, we try our best to do the same.  We take an active role (though usually not a board seat) in some of our investments.  In the remainder of our investments where there is a need for a streamlined board and set of investors, we play a 'reactive role' -- which, to us, means that we are happy to pitch in when asked by management but are otherwise low maintenance equityholders.  In all instances, when invited to closing dinners, we can be counted on to bring some pretty good wine!