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John Eley, CEO, Pivot

John, CEO of Pivot, is a veteran of the financial services and capital markets technology industries.  Since 2002, John has focused on companies that improve market structure and/ or trading efficiency in a variety of asset classes. In 2002, John was brought in by the investors to serve as CEO of Hotspot FX, Inc., the leading online foreign exchange marketplace. In less than 4 years, he led the company to an exit at approximately 18x the post-money value of Hotspot FX when John joined the company. The company was acquired by Knight Capital Group in 2006. Previously, John was the CFO of OnExchange, a clearing software vendor selling into the futures industry, and worked in a variety of senior positions with Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed and Citibank.   John serves as an outside board member and/or advisor to several private companies. He is a founding advisor at First Growth Venture Network, an angel and member of www.AngelVineVC.com, a leading NYC-based angel and venture investor network, and serves as a frequent guest lecturer on financial services sector and venture/tech topics, at various industry and academic gatherings, including at the Columbia University School of Business and NYU's Stern School of Business. 

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